This blog was always about trying to find homes for the homeless. It’s been a while but, I ran across some little guys that should steal your heart. One of the groups I have always followed is Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. We’ve never owned a Cairn or any type of Terrier. However, I just like this group.

In the middle of September, Col. Potter rescued a momma dog (St. Lucia) and her 5 babies in the nick of time. They were all due to be euthanized in a few hours. Although they knew that none of the babies were Cairns and likely not their Mom theyjust couldn’t let them die.

They are are featuring Santornini this month in hopes to find these cuties a home.

He is in Louisiana so anyone interested has to be able to travel to pick him up, by car or by plane. We do not ship our puppies cargo. Please share with your friends and family and so we can get a family for him and for his 3 sisters and 1 brother. Check the cuteness out on our available dog page

That’s it for this day.

Terri and the Pack.

The Scottish Poodle

A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, I was rummaging through my mini bar stash and came across a bottle of Drambuie liqueur. I didn’t know I had it, couldn’t remember why I bought it.

Turning the bottle, the back label read: “After the heroic Jacobite rebellion of 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie escaped from Scotland leaving the legacy of his royal recipe, which remained a secret for generations on the Isle of Skye.”

What!???? I am someone more than happily reading Diana Gabaldon’s 4th novel (Drums of Autumn) and owns seasons one and two of Starz’s Outlander series but who didn’t know she had Charles Stuart’s favorite drink!? In her own possession!?

I immediately knew that I had to find a cocktail that uses Drambuie–or create one.

I started researching cocktails in Mittie Hellmich’s Bar Book-The Comprehensive Guide and found The Bent Nail which called for Drambuie, Kirsh and a blended whisky. I made it, but for me it was just too strong and I didn’t get enough of the cherry. 

I was determined. A quest to Lucas liquor was in order, a search for a high quality but mid-priced cherry liqueur. With the help of a nobly kind clerk, I settled on Heering Cherry Liqueur from Denmark. It has a lovely, festive red color and just the right amount of sweetness. Just in time for the holidays.

My blended whiskey for this cocktail is Triple Crown. Triple Crown is locally produced nearby in Weston, Missouri. Everyone probably has their favorite. I know I have also used Canadian blended whiskeys before. 

I’ve come up with a delightful holiday cocktail that is enthusiastically approved by my much-esteemed panel of critics (my two daughters). So I present…………

The Scottish Poodle
1 oz Drambuie
3/4 oz Cherry Liqueur (I used Heerings)
1/2 blended whiskey (I used Triple Crown)
chilled Club Soda
Maraschino Cherries 
In a cocktail shaker mix the Drambuie, Cherry Liqueur and whisky, add ice and shake. Fill an Old Fashioned Glass half full with ice and add strained cocktail. Fill the glass to the top with the club soda, stir, add cherries and enjoy!
Here are two other ways that the men in the family found to use Drambuie and Heering at Thanksgiving. Michael added Drambuie to Dr. Pepper and soaked it up. Son in law, Lark, made his own version of Cherry Dr. Pepper with Herring. I did sip both of these and will say they were very good. But the girls and I will take our cocktails any day.
Sophia and Niko
Getting into the season is Sophia and Niko in their Christmas plaids that I made for them a couple of years ago. Niko is so funny when it comes to pictures. Normally he is a big baby, funny and just “Nicky”. When he knows it is picture time, he sits up straight and gets his macho on and becomes “Niko”, his given name. Sophia never changes for anything. She just likes to get dressed up. 

And just for fun–while sipping on my new holiday cocktail–I had to do something for this post in Photoshop. Meet Greyson from Clan McPoodle.

Every one have a blessed, calm and joyful holiday season. Take care until we meet again.

Terri and the Pack

Rum Poodle Rum

Welcome me Mateys, both two and four legged. Its time for another cocktail from The Poodle Martini Bar. This cocktail is inspired by Summer ease and our own little pirate and sock thief extraordinaire, Niki The Ornery.

I can’t think of any spirit more associated with summer than Rum. Just the classic rum drinks take you to a place of summer and island paradise. Names such as Mai Tai, Bahama Mama, Daiquiri and Piña Colada give a feeling of swinging in the hammock and taking in the salty sea breeze.

So let’s get on with the drink. You will need a tall glass for this one. It can be shaken or just stirred around in your glass, before or after adding ice. The ingredients are easy and few. With everything having equal representation, the alcohol is not overpowering and also makes it easy to mix up a big batch.

Rum Poodle Rum

2 ounces dark rum, my favorite is Goslings Black Seal
2 ounces pineapple juice
2 ounces cranberry juice 

Mix or shake. Serve in a tall glass with a lot of ice.

Are we done now? I’m on the look out for some mighty socks to steal and think I just spotted some-Later!

I am going to keep this short. The history and different types of rum is very fascinating, but I’m going to skip that. I hope everyone is having a great summer. If you live in America, the 4th is almost here. I can tell you what the official cocktail is going to be at my house this Independence Day: Rum Poodle Rum

Take care and stay cool (literally). 
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And may you never have Captain’s Jacks Dilemma

The Historical Retriever

Now for something a tad bit different. Up to this point, I have concentrated on Poodles in fashion, culture and design. But Poodles originally had a very different role in society. 

My First Ever Pin To My Poodle Board On Pinterest

All Poodles descend from the ancient standard size dog and that dog was a retriever. Even the origin of the word “Poodle” emphasizes this. Poodles originated between France and Germany where it was known as the Pudlehund. “Hund” in German is dog and “pudel” comes from  a German verb “to splash about”.

The breed was standardized in France where it became a water retriever. 

Poodles (or in France, the Caniche) became so popular that they were bred into the forms that fitted into everyone’s life style. Today, Poodles are the national dog of France.

But all our Poodles, even if we have toys or miniatures, harken back to this retriever tradition.

Below are photos with links to good articles with more information on the new resurgence of Poodles as hunters.  I am not a hunter but find this fascinating.

From an article in a 2008 New York Conservationist Magazine.

Hunters who use and breed these hunters are better testaments than I can ever give.  Two sites that I have found are:

One of Lakelands hunting Poodles from their site.  They have great photos of their dogs in action either in hunting or trials.

A red hunter from Louter Creek Hunting Poodles.  These  dogs have even been
featured in a numerous hunting magazines.


This photo is from an article of Gun Dog magazine (Sept. ’11”)

Here is an extra photo from Louter Creek. They used this as one of their profile pictures on FaceBook last Fall. I love in intense look on this guy’s face. Click here for the link to Louter Creek’s Facebook page. I wish it could be either subscribed to or a page to like, but it is not. I have enjoyed being a friend because I can keep up with their activities.

Louter Creeks Poodles have been featured on A&E’s reality show Duck Hunters.

As close as we get to duck hunting…

OK, I retrieved the duck, so where is the treat?



The French Poodle Martini Bar Is Open-Time For The Apricot Poodle!

The Poodle Martini Bar is open and I have a new cocktail. This one is dedicated to my Sophia, the first Poodle that I adopted
We’ve been enjoying The Apricot Poodle for a few months but it always takes me forever to get together the photo-shoot for my drinks. 
My aim for cocktails is that they are simple and delicious and think this one fits to bill. But the key to the deliciousness of The Apricot is the quality of the Apricot liqueur. I first was using some I had on hand which was a cheaper bottle and was so discouraged by the results. 

I made a trip to Lucas Liquor on a hunt and I found the Orchard liqueurs from Austria’s Rothman and Winter. One of them was Apricot. It runs around $20 but is so smooth. It would be delicious in deserts too. 

So on the the drink………….

The Apricot Poodle 
1/2 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 1/2 oz Apricot Orchard
2 oz Apricot Juice

Chill one martini glass (of course, this is optional….but I like to).

Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into a martini glass and serve. Swizzle stick is optional! 

And now to the vintage.  Just a few close ups.

My one Poodle Room swizzle stick with some vintage white and gold cloth napkins I picked up on eBay.
Yes, this is a decanter.
Admiration plate from The Romance of Fifi and Pepe by the Kentley Corp-vintage 50s
That finishes this Poodle Bar out. I  hope you enjoyed my imaginary place. Take care and it’s almost the weekend. Yea!

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Tuesday’s Tails-Meet Plum

Hello, today I have a little Chihuahua mix from Kansas City’s Chain of Hope. She would love to be on someone’s lap.

 Her bio says, “Plum is about a 6 mo. old Chihuahua mix. We don’t know what she is mixed with, but we know she’s cute!!! She weighs about 9 lbs. at this time. She is now spayed, vaccinated and crate-trained. This little girl will even put herself to bed! She is in a foster home and progressing very well on her house training, too! Plum likes to play with other dogs and then she’s ready to cuddle on your lap.” I do think she is quite a cutie. Those ears are something else! I will admit, that I was on my usual Poodle hunt and then saw Plum, and decided she was the “it girl” for today.

I have two links for Plum if you know of someone who would be interested in her. Her Petfinder Bio is HERE and  Chain of Hope’s website is HERE.

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Meet Sabrina-An Older Lady Who Needs A Home

Great News-this little lady was adopted!

Today I have a little elder Poodle that was given to rescue because her elderly owner could not care for her anymore. I hate stories like this but you know that she had a lot of love growing up and is a great dog and just a tad gorgeous!. She just needs someone to give her a home for her golden years. 

I adopted an elder (Millie) two years ago and it has been an incredible experience. I hope this lady finds her Forever home soon. Look at her, she is a Queen.




About Sabrina

We welcome Sabrina into our LLDR Pack. She is almost 10 years old and came to us when her mother could no longer keep her due to health issues. She is currently 12 lbs. but is a little round and could loose a few pounds. She has a darling personality and loves attention. If you would like more information on adopting this cutie, please email us at

Here is Sabrina’s Petfinder page with more contact information. 

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Meet Cooper

Meet Cooper, a four year old Standard Poodle. At the moment he is with Heart Of America Poodles and Friends k9 Rescue in Moscow, MO.

Cooper is a tri-pod and here is his story:

Cooper will turn 4 in November of this year. He was given up by his owner because they were working a lot and felt he needed a home where he would get more attention.
Cooper is a typical St. Poodle, in that he loves to play, likes people and other dogs,
His left leg was amputated when he was just a year old, because he saw something moving and jumped out of the car window, just as it was being parked. His leg was damaged beyond repair so was removed.
He hasn’t been exercised in a while, so his leg isn’t as strong as it should be, so he will need a home that will walk him everyday, starting slow, and building up the distance. His former home didn’t have any steps or stairs, so he is just now learning how to go up and down a few stairs.
I don’t really consider Cooper special needs but he does need a home that is very dog savvy, he needs a companion dog to bond with, and a home with only a few steps.
He can jump up on the bed, but needs to be helped down, to protect his good front leg.
NO CATS & no small dogs. He has never killed a cat but can become obsessed with them, so best that there are no cats in the home.
He is loving, sweet, playful, when excited, he will mouth or “air snap”, not an intentional bite, but could hurt a child. Cooper will make a great companion for the right family.

Cooper’s Petfinder connection and how to adopt is found at Petfinder

That’s it-Wags,

Terri and the Pack

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