About terrigardner1

Hello, welcome to my world. I’m Terri Gardner and a just retired art teacher. Animals have always been important to and my life seems to be devoted more and more to them. We live on a small plot of land (27 acres) in Missouri and have a variety of domestic animals, cats, and our pack of five dogs. The leaders of the pack are our two miniature Poodles, Sophia and Niko. Both rescues, they have opened up a whole new adventure for me. My blog explores how Poodles have affected culture. Product and book reviews, and general health tips will be occasionally thrown in. From time to time other four-legged friends in our life will make an appearance. This blog is really for all dog lovers. I have a companion design and art blog called the MeadowTee Journal. Stop by there once in a while to get a weekly dose of art.